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Cosmosway Co., Ltd. has been developing its expertise as a manufacturer of new-concept food sanitation products such as Mascare sanitation masks, Mascare hand sterilizers, etc. and striving to bring customers more pleasant life with sanitary food.

Cosmosway strives to create new concept of high-quality sanitary products that consider not only food sanitation but also customer-friendliness and designs. Now the products are being supplied to famous restaurants, department stores, hotels in Korea as well as being exported to USA, Japan, Europe, etc.
Being recognized both at home and abroad, Cosmosway corporation was founded in USA last year 2008, rendering us the opportunity to occupy global market.

In order to become the leading company in sanitary products industry in Korea, Cosmosway will make endeavors to provide products and services with top quality, as well as to prioritize customer satisfaction by attentively listening to customer demands.
We hope to see more and more restaurants, hotels, department stores, feeding facilities and food manufacturers to be equipped with Mascare products and make our world better with sanitary food and services.