Sanitary mask

sanitary mask
Mascare is lightweight and feels better when applied compared to previous cotton or non-woven fabric masks.
The product has innovatively complemented the defects of previous cotton masks.
** Recommended Places for Application **
We recommend our product for servers at food manufacturing factory, department store, wholesale mart, expressway rest stop, hotel, buffet restaurant, school, feeding facility, and home serving.
1. Appropriately adjust the location of o-ring according to user size.
2. After adjustment is completed, cut off excessive length of the cord.
3. Support on jaw and use by hooking onto the ears.
Use after adjusting the band as loosely as possible.
In case of contamination, wash the film with water and gently mop it before use, and store it in the enclosed non-woven fabric.
The film surface is specially coated to prevent misting.
Be cautious that excessive force on the film may deform its shape.
Characteristics of Mascare
Mascare is lightweight and expedites breathing for the user.
Mask Film is processed with mist-proof coating and hard coating to prevent scratches. (effective for over approximately 3 months)
Different to disposal masks, it can be washed with water and reused, making it economical.
Mask film is refillable, making it economical.
Old Mask Mascare Mask
Restricts breathing Servers can breaths easily and normally
Makes communication difficult Easy to understand wearer due to offset design
Easily smeared by lipstick Does not interfere with wearer’s make up
Dispose after one use Easily cleaned and reused multiple times
Painful and restrictive Comfortable even when worn for extended time
Inconvenient with eyeglasses Normal eyeglasses do not cause a problem
Costs add up over time Almost unlimited life eliminates repeat purchases